Leasing and Rental Management

We get calls regularly from property owners who are unable to sell their homes and, for one reason or another, must relocate.  If you're in this situation, take comfort in knowing that the market conditions that are making selling difficult could be your best opportunity for becoming a landlord.  As more and more buyers find themselves unable to qualify for loans and/or lose their homes to foreclosure, they become your potential renters.

As a Client Preference customer, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our commitment to excellence and dedication to representing your best interests.  We treat your property with the same care and concern that you would by obtaining the best possible rent and maintaining its physical condition with prudent, sensible spending.  Except for emergencies, we'll always get your approval for unexpected expenses and we never mark up contractors' prices.

Advertising your property can be expensive. We give you Classifieds.jpgseveral print and Internet options to select from, and because one of our principals is a licensed Colorado real estate broker, we're able to handle all the showings and leasing. When a potential tenant submits an application, we not only verify their employment and rental histories, but also obtain a full credit and criminal background report, accepting only those individuals meeting the qualifications you've identified.

During the term of our management, we collect the rent, respond to collecting.jpgmaintenance and repair matters, keep your books and records, and assist with any legal or insurance matters.  Each month, we'll send you a complete accounting of all activity together with any funds in excess of those needed for operating capital.  As with all of our services, we function as environmentally friendly as possible, utilizing 21st Century technologies and focusing on minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.


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